Love Wine

It is only fitting that my first blog post be about wine. I love wine. My home is decorated with wine bottles and corks that have been personally consumed by myself, my husband and our loved ones. And I’m not kidding.


Here’s the catch:


I just blew your mind! How can they possibly involve an ANIMAL in the holy perfecting of grapes?!?

During the winemaking process, wine is clarified through “fining agents” that unfortunately include animals parts. Anything from blood to bone to milk and eggs to fish is used.

It’s a sad, sad fact. Sad as I now raise an empty glass but even more tragic and heart breaking for the animals who suffered for it. After all, it’s just another beverage.

I have ZERO experience with vegan wines, but it is my new mission to buy, taste and experience every single one I can get my hands on and tell the world what I find.

Let’s raise a glass to a more kind and loving world.

Love, Lydia.


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