Love Wine Update

Make sure you check out my post, Love Wine, to find out how wine can possibly NOT be vegan! 

In my quest to discover great vegan wines, I actually found an amazing website! Barnivore. At you can search wine, beer and liquor to quickly see if it is a vegan brand or not. It clearly shows the written corespondance with the manufacturer in which they state there are no animal products used, so you can rest assured. Also, if some brands have varieties that are vegan and some that are not, it will have each kind of wine listed separately from that brand.

Whether or not you are comfortable purchasing a product from a company that produces nonvegan products is a personal choice. (I will also be discussing that topic in a later post!)

Be sure to bookmark Barnivore on your phone for quick reference, it has been coming in super handy this holiday season already! I think you might end up pleasantly surprised that some of the wines you already have turn out to be vegan! 

Cheers to a more kind holiday season!

Love, Lydia


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