Love Faux Fur 

I got my first TWO faux fur jackets this month (hooray for Valentine’s Day!)

I am not the most fashionable person, as a hairstylist, I tend to lean towards comfort, and as a performer, I’ve gotten in the habit of relying on shows as my time to look great. I am actively trying to change that.

I was so fed up with my black, puffy, knee-length jacket that every other human in New York City wears, puffed with cotton and not down thanks to Betsy Johnson, and I was determined to make a change. This change was inspired by my Vegan Mother, as I like to call her, the queen of faux fur and shopping herself, Cassandra. Don’t all vegans have a vegan mother? You know, that person who helped inspire you to be a vegan who you always go to for advice? If not, I would love to be yours!

This coat is from Asos and it is surprisingly warmer than my so-yesterday, black puff!

This coat I actually found on Amazon. This one is NOT a winter coat, by any means. It’s just an adorable statement fall and spring piece. Both coats are SUPER affordable.

Now let’s talk about this, some vegans are really, really against the use of faux fur because it has the possibility of being a bad example to someone who sees you and doesn’t know it’s faux. I myself was very picky about the look of the faux fur I chose. For my winter coat, I don’t think my orange, fuzzy coat looks like actual fur. There are many coats that are made with longer fur in realistic colors to actually appear to be fur, those make me queazy, so not for me. But so long as it’s doesn’t belong to an animal, you do you!

Although leading by example is the way of a vegan, you also need to be yourself in fashion, beauty and life. But let’s all strive to always be kind fashionistas!

Here’s to a life of kind fashion choices!

Love, Lydia


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